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Blockify has developed a hybrid Web2/Web3 approch to onboarding users.

Welcoming the next 10,000,000 Web3 users






Web2: Onboarding

Blockify understands that Web3 onboarding needs to be as seamless as Web2. Onboarding new users to Web3 should be simple, easy and frictionless. By utilizing strategies that incorporate mechanics designed to provide users with a “web2 '' onboarding atmosphere combined with incentives and rewards, Blockify intends to create a friendly environment for users to easily onboard to Web3.

Web3: Onboarding

Web3 onboarding with a dash of Web2- Let’s face it, current Web3 projects lack certain elements that are crucial for growth and adoption such as UI/UX. Blockify has incorporated unique onboarding techniques designed to provide users with an easy map and guide to all things Blockify.

  • Step 1: Select a unique Blok ID

  • Step 2: Select a unique Blok ID

  • Step 3: Select a unique Blok ID

Blok Ads:
Web3 Advertising

Connecting brands and consumers through crypto rewards. Blok Ads is a tokenized Web3 advertising platform that enables advertisers to offer consumers crypto rewards for their data and engagement. Blok Ads empowers users to earn from their most valuable asset while helping brands create better relationships with their audiences in Web3.


Why Blok Ads?

Over the past decade, the Internet has become oligarchic and unfair. Dominated by big tech data monopolies, today’s digital economy is driven by an aggressive competition for the collection of individuals’ profile and behavioral data to be sold to third parties for targeted advertising. The tactics that have fueled Web 2.0 – surveillance, interruption, exploitation and monetization of personal data – are now deeply entrenched, with the centralization and cross-party use of data, without the individual’s meaningful consent, firmly built into the web’s business model.

Blok Ads were created to put an end to the interruptive, exploitative economy that has built Web 2.0 and to give individuals back ownership of their time and information. With the creation of Blok Ads and the Blockify Token , Blockify is developing a Web3 advertising system and unit of exchange that allows the value of an individuals’ time and data to be properly priced and permissioned within a transparent market system. In doing so, the company is building a totally decentralized advertising Economy, one that allows individuals all over the world to own, control, and profit from their engagement.

Blok Ads enables advertisers and other marketplace participants to harness the power of value exchange. Consumers are incentivized and compensated by Blockify for their data and engagement in Blockify Tokens, while advertisers benefit from the “first-party” data that results from obtaining permission to engage. This first-party, permissioned data is foundational for the Permission economy and enables advertisers to build trust, achieve 1:1 engagement, and increase ROI. By transferring value back to the individual consumer, away from big tech’s centralization and exploitation of data, Blok Ads will bring needed change to the current Internet business model.

  • Advertisers

    Advertisers will soon be able to run crypto-rewarded campaigns on the open web using our proprietary platform, Blok Ads. By incentivizing users to opt-in, advertisers build permissioned, first-party audiences while respecting user privacy. In the process, advertisers foster trust, loyalty, and increase their ROI.

    A core aspect of the advertiser experience is creating ads. Advertisers can create campaigns that reward users for engaging with ads ranging in duration and format, including shorter, gamified ads, rewarded or opt-in value exchange ads, and/ or brand films lasting from a couple of minutes to a couple of hours long. Users will be able to directly monetize their data collected for engaging with content, unlike typical platforms that sell their information to third parties.

    Over time, the platform will feature other opportunities for users to earn from their data while interacting with news, surveys, video games, premium content and more.

  • Users

    Users earn crypto rewards for data they choose to share as they engage directly with brands across the web. With Blockify token rewards, users can HODL rewards or convert to stablecoins. As a cryptocurrency, the Blockify token is a non-siloed reward that's global, convertible & never expires.

    Blok Ads users will enjoy many benefits, the primary being that Blockify will enable users to control and monetize their data; that is, any time an advertiser within the Blockify ecosystem wishes to use a user’s information to reach a user, that user is rightfully compensated.

    The more data a user provides via opt-in engagement and linking social media profiles, the more personal and comprehensive their “data store” becomes. As the Blockify ecosystem grows, and by virtue of the data integration and enrichment made possible by Blok Ads.



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